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Monero Konferenco 2020
Call for Presentations/Call for Workshops

Monero Konferenco 2020 welcomes submissions for its two-day event in Berlin, 13th-14th June 2020 @ MotionLab.Berlin.

This second edition of the Monero Konferenco strives to provide the same high-quality content as last year’s edition in Denver, bringing together experts and enthusiasts of cryptocurrency and privacy to present state-of-the-art research in both fields.

This year’s Konferenco will group content under the following four frames, though proposals may fit into these categories broadly if otherwise relevant as they are not to be seen as overly prescriptive:

i. Cryptography
ii. Security
iii. Networks
iv. Governance

The above frames allow for the inclusion of a range of topics, but we encourage submissions focused specifically on applications relevant to the Monero protocol, technologies, platform, ecosystem and community. We are also very keen to schedule presentations concerned with the broader field of cryptocurrency, with preference given to submissions focused on unique privacy-preserving cryptographic methods, novel implementations of zero-knowledge cryptographic schemes, innovative privacy-enhancing technologies and/or platforms, as well as content focused on constructs such as decentralisation, politics, philosophy, the environment, and cryptocurrency legal and regulatory frameworks.

Along with our call for presentations we welcome workshop ideas, giving preference to proposals focused on spreading knowledge and education on cryptocurrency related hardware and/or privacy enhancing applications and platforms.

There will be funds available for speakers and workshop providers to cover travel and accommodation costs and will be granted on a ‘needs basis’.

Submissions will be blind reviewed by a selection committee, the names of which appear below.


We ask that you provide a short abstract (500 words max), description, or outline of your proposed talk or workshop, including information on any specific technical requirements you may have. We also request that you provide a short speaker biography (250 words max).

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Presentation/Workshop Title:

Abstract (500 words max):

Biography (250 words max):

Form Fill 1:
Please indicate which of the following slots your proposal is suited for:

Short Talk (20 mins)
Long Talk (45 mins)
Workshop (90 mins)

Form Fill 2:
Is your proposed research or workshop fully or partially funded by an organisation, business, or corporate entity?
If yes, please provide details.

Form Fill 3:
Has your research or workshop proposal been previously presented or published elsewhere? If so, please provide details.

Form Fill 4:
Presentations will be live streamed from the venue and recorded. This is to ensure that as much of the Monero and wider cryptocurrency community will have exposure to the Konferenco content. If you do not wish for your presentation to be either live streamed, or recorded, please indicate so:

Form Fill 5:
Are you aware of any conflict of interest that should be disclosed to the selection committee? If yes, please provide details.

You can't submit a talk, because this conference is in the past.